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¡°Quality & Reliability¡±has been AMS elevator's foremost concerns since we begin. After 50 years development, AMS becomes the nationwide leader with sophisticated technology, and professional, talented, energetic employees serving customers in every corner of the world.
    Cooperating with A.M.S, the European brand, the first class technology and equipment from the world were adopted in our products, the consolidation of the two companies pushes our business to the leading frontier. The customers around the world also help to build AMS's leading role in the elevator industry, names Xian HaiRong Real Estate Group, AMS's serial elevators¡¯customers abroad, government administrator offices of State Council, ChengDu JiaoLong Industrial port (one of the national private 500 enterprises ) etc.
    AMS elevator is a quality guaranteed enterprise, providing all range of products, passenger elevator, panoramic elevator,goods elevator, machine-room-less elevator, high-speed elevator, escalator and conveyor etc. We are ready to provide comfortable and safe products and service to meet all the expectations from our customers around the world. Innovation and invention go hand in hand with AMS elevator, today, we are renewing our commitment to seeking new ideas and solutions to improve the passenger's experience through our sophisticated¡°101-meters¡±elevator testing tower, leading the technology in our industry.
    Time flies, we witness the great changes in this industry, we still standing beyond with the unchangeable idea---Credibility and Integrity. We will inspire our customers' total confidence through our exceptional service and leading products, which already earns us successful business during this half century. Millions of customers around the world use our elevators and escalators every day without giving safety and quality a second thought. That's our mission and great success. We understand that the safe way is the only way to earn the trust with our customers. Safety and Quality has made us the most trusted name in the industry nationwide. We must build on this foundation for the future!

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